Seoul Garden HotPot

Today I’ll be reviewing the Seoul Garden HotPot, which opened recently at the new Suria Sabah Food Hall. Initially, I was going to try out the new Kou Man restaurant, but the information provided by some facebook pages was inaccurate, so I decided to give Seoul Garden HotPot a try. It was just a few steps away anyway.

Seoul Garden HotPot serves varieties of authentic Korean dishes such as Bi-bim-bap, Hot-Plate, Hot Pot, Jap-chae, etc. It was convincing enough to lure me in just by looking at the menu. 

I’m on a keto diet, so I had to be selective in choosing the right food for my lunch. It took me about 10 minutes to make up my mind and ordered a Braised Beef Hot Pot. 

Why this specific dish for my lunch? The reason is that it looked delicious on the menu and it’s a chef’s recommendation too, what could possibly go wrong, right?

Oh and I almost forgot to mention, I was using the Samsung tablet that was provided to place the order. The ordering process was pretty straightforward, I just picked the dish and added it to cart, then reviewed and finalized the order. 

It would be a walk in the park for anyone who often shops online. Aside from that, the staff would be happy to guide you on how to use the tablet if you’re not familiar with it.

braised beef hot pot soup with smoke

The hot pot was ready in a matter of minutes. I couldn’t wait to try it out, so I poured out some hot soup into a small bowl and gave it a go. The first taste was so spicy! I wasn’t sure if I could finish up the rest. 

Luckily, it only got better as I got used to the level of spiciness. As a matter of fact, I finished up the whole hot pot to the last drop of soup. The braised beef was tender enough to bite and made me craved for more.

My overall lunch dining experience was outstanding. The food was hot and tasty; the area was quite clean and spacious. Owner George and the staff were friendly as well. I would come back again and try out some other chef’s recommendations (had my eye on the Ginseng Chicken). 

Seoul Garden HotPot
8.6 / 10 Editor's Rating


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