Yii Siang Hainan Ngiu Cap, which began in 1993, has been in operation for more than 25 years. Mr. Ling, who started from a very humble beginning as a small stall selling beef noodles, because of his strong belief in business integrity and sincerity, as well as his insistence on fresh and high-quality ingredients, slowly he has accumulated a well-known reputation, and all his hard work has paid off!


The signature dish of Yii Siang: Ngiu Cap, is one of the must-have dish for everyone. All the ingredients are being cooked perfectly, the meat is so delicious, soft and tender! You will be surprised by how generous they are with the ingredients, all you can see is a bowl of beef noodles covered up by a generous amount of beef ingredients, and you can barely see any noodles underneath it!


Besides, there are some other options on the menu, such as beef laksa, chicken laksa and etc, please do not miss it out!




店內的招牌:王牌牛什, 幾乎是每桌都不會缺少的好料。軟嫩多汁的牛肉片,彈牙的牛肉丸,帶筋且入口即化的牛腩,以及新鮮的牛肚,是王牌牛什裡的靈魂。老闆用料實在,每一碗端上來,上面鋪滿了牛什,幾乎看不到藏在下面的米粉/面,吃上每一口都是好滋味還有滿滿的幸福!



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