Nasi Kerabu’s origins trace back to the peninsular Malaysian state Kelantan, however, we Sabahans have our own version of this super satisfying dish! Turmeric Café is the more urbanized branch of Uncle Garry’s Recipe, the very establishment that brought Nasi Kerabu to Sabah and made it our own since 2014.


Other than blue-coloured Nasi Kerabu, they also serve yellow-coloured turmeric rice, served with a variety of condiments such as salted eggs, pickled wild vegetables, and you can have your pick of either fried chicken, fried fish, or stuffed squid for a main.


A variety of Malay “kueh” is also available, many of them tinted blue by the natural butterfly pea flower extract. You can also order from their wide range of beverages, some of them come in interesting hues of purplish blue too!


Nasi Kerabu (藍花飯)的起源應追溯至馬來西亞半島的吉蘭丹州,但是我們沙巴人也擁有自己特別的藍花飯食譜! Turmeric Café是Uncle Garry's Recipe 的另外一家分行,老闆在2014年將 Nasi Kerabu 的食譜帶入沙巴並將其改良,以便更適合我們沙巴人的味蕾,同時也成為了這裡的一種特色。





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